Monday, June 25, 2012

Prof. Mohamed Al Nashaee sent a message of congratulations to the President Elect of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Mursi.

In an Arabic message reported in Egypt, Prof. Mohamed Al Nashaee sent a message of congratulations to Dr. Mohammed Mursi who is also an engineer and a colleague of Dr. Amr Salama as well as a graduate of the University of Cairo.  The original text is in Arabic and we will give here only a rough translation:
It is a pleasure to congratulate Egypt on its fair Presidential elections and the overwhelmingly peaceful atmosphere despite the unfavorable circumstances and  some ugly threats reported in the news.  I must also congratulate Dr. Mursi, a respected teacher and colleague on his historical victory, being the first President of the Second Republic of Egypt.  This is not much when you consider that France is already in its fifth republic.  England on the other hand had only one republic.  I must also congratulate Marshall Ahmed Shafiq, a great friend and a great man who was extremely gracious in defeat and who acknowledged that he is now a mere soldier in an army lead by the new President.  This is the true spirit of the greatest and oldest civilization on the planet earth.  It is needless to remind President Mursi that although Egypt was split politically almost in the middle, it remains united and will never fail like other nations.  Consequently President Mursi is the President of all Egyptians, of all political colors and religious convictions.  Although I remain skeptical about the Muslim Brotherhood program to lead Egypt in these modern turbulent times, I am convinced of their integrity and patriotism.  It is an historical moment which no one should miss having guarded optimistic feelings about.  The Tahrir Square Revolution proved to be much more than a mere mutiny on the bounty.  I congratulate our new President whole heartedly. 

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